How smart light poles can improve the intelligence of traffic roads

The role of wisdom light pole is very broad, not only used in intelligent lighting, social security, information dissemination, the use of intelligent transportation is also very bright, from the current construction of wisdom light pole, wisdom light pole on the road environment perception, supervision and maintenance, road services, security, traffic industry and other aspects have an important role.

1、Road environment holographic perception

Wisdom light pole can realize "one pole multi-function". By carrying a smart light pole gateway, access to all kinds of environmental sensors, real-time monitoring of air quality, temperature and humidity, noise, rainfall, light, emissions around the urban road environment, to create holographic perception of the urban environment.

2、Improve road security capability

Based on applications such as video AI intelligent analysis on the wisdom light pole, the wisdom of the road can be realized on the people, vehicles and things effective control. In the event of an emergency, the realization of security linkage alarm and collaborative processing. At the same time, a key alarm button can be linked to the smart city operation and management center.

3、Diverse wisdom of road services

The free wifi, wisdom screen, broadcasting, charging pile, video monitoring and other functions on the wisdom light pole make the road traffic service more diversified, wisdom and convenience.

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