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UOCOLOR LED pixel lighting application

So far in the first half of this year, there have been several display enterprises, through the way of online live, the launch of the latest products and technological innovation trends, from the first online new product launch of QS Optoelectronics, and then not long ago Aotuo Electronics held 2022 online virtual conference, many new products have been unveiled, refreshing the audience on the LED display screen new understanding. And in these several live conference, commercial display indoor large screen frequently become the focus of attention screen enterprises.


UOCOLOR outdoor energy saving LED display

In fact, strictly speaking, the development of LED indoor display market and small pitch technology development is inseparable. 2008 Beijing Olympic Games opened the LED display large area application era, and LED display into the indoor scene, is in the small pitch technology gradually mature and stable after. 2012 to 2017, LED small pitch landing applications, pitch technology gradually mature, into a booming development period. This period of small pitch products, with seamless splicing, flexible display area, high brightness and low consumption, high contrast ratio, and other indoor large display products such as LCD splicing screen and DLP splicing screen to compete with the indoor display market. This stage of the LED display although the obvious advantages, but due to the picture quality and resolution and other factors affected by the LED display lamp bead spacing, in the indoor market and LCD splicing screen and DLP splicing screen and other display products to play "back and forth". With the gradual maturity of LED display technology development, LED small pitch products, the point spacing gradually shrink, display image quality resolution gradually catch up with the LCD products, indoor large screen display field "a ride", gradually become the indoor display application scene of the favorite.