Based on the purpose and requirement of our customer, we will make a thorough analysis and provide the most detailed and best ratio of quality and value designed scheme and enable customers to feel at ease to choose whatever products they need.

1.System installation, debugging and test service

Upon the customer’s request, UOCOLOR can dispatch engineers to the country for installation, debugging, test of LED electronic display, certain fee will be charged. The steps of LED project implementation are described as followings:

1. Site survey and installation design

2. Installation of LED display frame

3. Installation of LED display screen

4. Installation of control center

5. Cabling and power distribution

6. Site cleaning

7. System debugging, commissioning and test

2.Repairing service

During the warranty period, we will repair the equipment units free of charge unconditionally, if the deficiency caused by product quality problem or installation. We take no responsibility if the failure coursed by disobeying operation regulations of the clients or under the irrevocable exterior factors stipulated by our country.

3.Technical support

We will provide on-line technical support for technical consultant, trouble shooting and repairing contact by MSN or SKYPE Mail: